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Why choose Croatia for active vacation?

Why choose Croatia for active vacation?

Croatia is very small compared to other countries in Europe and in the world, but  very diverse and therefore very favorable for active holidays.

In recent years, adventure travel has become more and more popular, and travelers are increasingly turning to this type of vacation. It is simply no longer enough to just visit a place and collect as many photos as possible. Today’s traveler is very aware of his health, so he wants to stay active on his travels.

Croatia is perfect for an active vacation.

Numerous bicycle routes stretch through the Adriatic coast.

The Adriatic coast is very indented with many islands, many of which are located near the mainland. The sea along the coast is quite protected from sea currents and winds which makes it very suitable for swimming, snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, diving, and kayaking. Rafting is also very popular in Croatia.


Why choose Croatia for active vacation?
Soul Of Croatia


The Croatia coast is quite hilly, therefore ideal for hikers. Hiking is becoming popular among Croatian as well. Of all the tourist branches of active vacation, hiking is the most focused on health and that is why it is so attractive.
On the other hand, it is easily accessible to all age groups. Hiking is also not necessarily related to the summer season as it can be carried out throughout most of the year.

Why choose Croatia for active vacation?
Soul Of Croatia


Croatia is very well connected by airlines, unlike other countries where this connection is mostly related to large cities, in Croatia as a tourist country the connection is across the country which includes smaller cities like Dubrovnik


Croatia is very well connected by highways, most of which are new and very modern.
Furthermore, in addition to air and road transport, there is of course sea transport, which is also very developed. Croatia is a strong nautical destination, 27% of all charters are in Croatia and therefore number one in the world. But also
is strongly associated with cruise ships. Some cities in Croatia, such as Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Šibenik, are frequent stop stations for many world-famous cruise lines.


The shape of Croatia is such that if you visit some locations near the border such as Dubrovnik or the Istrian peninsula, you can visit other countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Italy in a very short time. So the tourist offer abounds with day trips to neighboring countries as well as neighboring cities and islands.


And finally to mention, Croatia is part of the European Union and from the first of the ninth of this year you can pay in Euros, and the Euro as the currency was officially introduced on 01.01.2023.

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