12 Days: Active Croatia – National Parks and Sailing Dalmatian Islands

This tour is all about the beautiful nature of Croatia. We call it  Green and Blue Croatia simply because that’s what it is. Green, because the first part of the trip is taking a place in a continental part of the country where everything is surrounded by green grass, forests and beautiful rivers and creeks. Blue, because you spend the second part of the trip on a Croatian coast and you will be looking at the beautiful blue Adriatic every day.

This is a multi-sport trip which includes fun activities at scenic places. River kayaking or rafting, cycling, hiking or sailing, you name it!

With this program, we will introduce you to some unknown parts of Croatia with its own highlights. You will still see 4 of 8 National Parks in Croatia, 4 UNESCO site, Velebit Nature Park and more. If you would like to know Croatia from a different angle and you like to be active, this is your trip! This trip is suitable for all ages, and previous experience is not required.



Day 1: Arrival day

Welcome to Croatia and its capital, Zagreb. Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be welcomed by your guide and transferred to your hotel for a brief overview of your trip plan! Depending on your schedule and time you might go for a guided tour of the city or explore on your own! Zagreb is the capital and the biggest city in Croatia, the administrative center of the country with about 800 000 people living in it! The city center is easily walkable, and there are no worries to get lost. All the main attractions are in walking distance!

Day 2 - Plitvice lakes National Park- hiking

Plitvice lakes are the most famous National park in Croatia and since 1979, it is on UNESCO world nature list. National park got the name by 16 lakes that you will walk around. The lakes are only a small percentage of the park while the rests are forests and meadows. It is hope of 3 biggest carnivores in Croatia, bear, wolf and the lynx, and more than 150 type of birds and one-third of all known orchid types in Croatia. You will walk on well-marked parts, and explore all the lakes. All meals are included.

Day 3: Zrmanja river rafting or Kayaking

Today you will leave Plitvice lakes and go to the next activity which is rafting or kayaking on the Zrmanja river. We say rafting or kayaking because this is the pristine river and it is not dam controlled and water level depends on the weather! You will paddle through beautiful scenery, and experience excitement of the river in a rugged canyon. The river level is 1-3, so it is suitable for everyone. If you have waterproof cameras, today is the day to bring them!

Day 4: National park Paklenica

Another National park awaits. This time the destination is the National park Paklenica, also situated on the Velebit mountain but on the southern part. We will visit and hike through its most attractive part – Big Paklenica canyon – one of the most famous locations for rock climbing in Europe. Paklenica is the part of the longest Croatian mountain- Velebit. The whole mountain is a Park of nature due to its biodiversity. Velebit belongs to Dinaric Alps, and lately, it’s an unavoidable part of Via Dinarica- a combination of trails that connects the whole Dinaridi area.

Day 5: National park Krka

During this day you will visit yet one more of Croatia’s highlights – the National park Krka, named after the river Krka. Apart from the beautiful scenery, you will also see and learn how people used to live in the old days along the banks of Krka by visiting the restored ethnic-village around Skradinski buk are. After exploring Skradinski Buk waterfall you will drive to Roški slap are of the park. Roški slap is a less busy area, and it offers an opportunity for nice walks or hikes in the area. We suggest visiting a small cave from the prehistoric times. For the end, you will visit little Islet Visovac in the middle of the river with a still active Franciscan monastery on it. You probably will not see any monks but the local guide will take on a 20 min tour of the island. The Park is also well known for its multiple endemic species of birds and amphibians. After our visit to the Park, we will drive to the Dalmatian coast to spend our night in Trogir – a beautiful coastal city more than 2000 years old, another proud member of the UNESCO’s World Heritage family.

Day 6: Split and embarking the boat

Today you will leave Trogir and go to Split where you will do a city tour of Diocletian's palace! The picturesque center is perfect for sightseeing and long walks among its numerous streets and historical monuments, beautiful architecture from Roman to modern times. Nowadays, along with Dubrovnik, Split has become famous for being one of the locations HBO picked for filming its popular series Game of Thrones. Usually, we go on board in the afternoon hours.

Day 7: Hvar

In the morning we will sail away toward our next destination- Hvar. We will sail next to beautiful Paklinski islands and enter the town of Hvar- one of the most famous places in Dalmatia. More than in average 2700 sunny hours yearly makes this island desirable place to be at and to enjoy all the beauties of a Mediterranean climate. Island has been inhabited for thousand years. There are lots of material proves of the old settlement on the island. The most important one is Old fields in Stari Grad (Old town), with its untouched shape for more than 2000 years. Today, fields in Starigrad are under UNESCO protection. Hvar offers a lot to do during days but also it became known for attractive nightlife. Do not miss an opportunity to walk to the fortress above the Hvar town to enjoy magnificent views.

Day 8: Korčula

According to many, Korčula town is the birthplace of one of the most known world’s explorers -Marco Polo. Korčula offers unique architecture, rich culture, authentic food and wine and much more. This mostly Gothic-renaissance town is a charming combination of beautiful architecture and surrounding nature. Everything in the old city of Korčula is in the walking distance. After lunch in the town and being introduced with its history, you will have an option to have a lazy afternoon in the town, or to be active and do optional buggy ride to one of the biggest sandy beaches in the area- in Lumbarda. Sandy beaches are rare in Dalmatia, and locals and tourist are appreciating ones available very much! After swimming or having a massage or drink on the beach, we are returning to Korčula for a dinner.

Day 9: National park Mljet

After saying goodbye to Korčula we are sailing toward Mljet island and National park. Island Mljet is often called the greenest Croatia island. The western part of the island is a National park and that is the part we are visiting. The national park is known for its lakes inside of the island and little islet in the biggest lake with the monastery from the 12th century on it. We will visit the island with the small boat, and cycle around the lakes surrounded by beautiful green pine forests with possible stops for swimming. For the lunch, we will stop at the local family for the homemade food.

Day 10: Ston on Pelješac peninsula

Ston is a small Croatian medieval town with the longest fortified system in Europe, known as the Ston city walls. Ston is also well-known for the oldest salt works at the Mediterranean and for its delicious oysters and mussels. We will walk the walls of Ston, enjoy beautiful scenarios, and finally go for a deserved rest at the small family restaurant. If there is a place in Croatia to taste oysters and mussels this is the one. Ston has a tradition of growing oysters and mussels since the Roman times. After Ston, our next goal is Elaphiti islands. Elaphiti is the name for the group of island in Dubrovnik archipelago. We will explore these Adriatic gems by sail, foot, and kayak. Lopud is the first island we visit, where we will go for a walk or hike to the family-owned, small local farm for a homemade dinner

Day 11: Koločep island and Dubrovnik

Today’s destination – Koločep island. We will start our day by hiking or kayaking on this southernmost inhabited island in Croatia. This beautiful gem has no cars and its a real oasis of peace. After our activity, we will have lunch at a small family-owned restaurant. We do recommend to have fish or calamari here, you will not regret it! Once we say goodbye to Elaphiti, our final destination is Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik-UNESCO site with the biggest walls in Europe. You will be introduced to a rich history of Dubrovnik on a guided tour, where you will be encouraged to ask any question you might have about this fascinating place. We suggest walking the city walls, the second biggest in the world. At places, the wall is approximately 75 ft high, which makes it a great sightseeing point to take photos of beautiful scenery. After exploring the Old town we will have a farewell dinner.

Day 12: Departure

Our sailing multi-sport adventure came to the end. Time to say goodbye to our boat in the morning hours. If you would like to experience more of Croatia, before or after the sailing trip through some multi-sport, active, leisure or non active tours of any kind, daily excursions, guided tours or more, please have a look at our other programs or contact us to create an itinerary that fits you the most.

Price Includes:

  • 6nights on land
  • 6 nights’  on a sailing boat or catamaran
  • All meals as noted in the itinerary
  • National parks’ entrance fees
  • Professional skipper
  • Professional licensed English-speaking local guide
  • Local taxes and permits
  • Ground transportation
  • Port fees
  • Organized activities and rental equipment
  • Guided tours
  • Airport transfers, to/from
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12 days
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