13 Days: Croatia Multisport Active

  Hello everyone is our pleasure to introduce you to some of the best highlights Croatia has to offer while exploring the adventure side of Croatia. We proudly present example of our 13 days long, adventure trip with the cultural touch – Croatia Multisport active tour. Like all of our trips, this one as well is a balanced mixture of fun activities, beautiful nature, interesting culture, foodie experience and more. This trip is designed to show you diversity in Croatian nature and culture through daily activities, visiting local attractions and insights into local life. It will show you some of the most beautiful highlights in Croatia over a period of 13 days.

Why us and why this tour?  This is a rich trip that covers a lot of Croatia and combines  guided activities in the attractive nature  of Croatia on known and unknown locations. Its done by  local born, experienced and awarded licensed guides who mostly work via word of mouth! Its all-inclusive trip with no hidden fees, and because we care and give flexibility like no other. All pictures are our own, 100% authentic, and represent the trips as it is!


Croatia is a small country, 56594 square kilometers in size and approximately 4,2 million people. Maybe small, but there is a lot of scenery change, mix of different traditions and cultures, unique food in different regions, different architecture, customs, and colloquial speech. All that and more is what you can expect on this trip by going from Continental Europe to the Mediterranean, from Dinaric Alps to Adriatic sea, from green forests and meadows of inland to Dalmatian rugged coast and islands. Each one of our days is educational since you will not only do an activity and pass through places since you will learn about their specifics.
Did you know: you will see 50% of the National park in Croatia on this trip, 4 out of 8!

We are here to help you experience all above in the best possible way during this trip.

No previous experience for activities is needed, and this trip is suitable for beginners as well. You will be in the safe hands of a professional guide/s who will do their best to create the best possible experience for you! Can you do all the activities? Yes, you can since we are flexible to fit everything toward your preferences.


Day 1 - Zagreb

Welcome to Croatia and its capital of Zagreb. You will be welcomed at the airport and transferred to your accommodation! At scheduled time you can discuss your itinerary with your guide during the dinner. Your overnight stay will be at a local hotel 4* with dinner included.

Day 2 - Plitvice lakes– National park

Our trip starts in Zagreb, with a couple of stops along the way – visiting some of the more interesting locations on the road to the national park. Today we will do hiking in the most famous Croatian National park – Plitvice Lakes. The lakes of Plitvice are a unique design of nature famous across the globe for its beauty. Since 1979 the Park has been a part of the UNESCO World Heritage register. Plitvice is home to about one-third of all known orchids in Croatia. During this day you will walk the chosen paths, see many waterfalls and experience the best sights the park has to offer which will provide for a great opportunity to take many photos. After exploring the natural beauties we will retire to local accommodation for an overnight stay.

Day 3 - Biking Plitvice county

Today you will bike from the National park, in Lika county through the countryside in the Kordun area. You visit one of the local attractions – Barač caves and learn something about their ancient history. While biking, you will go trough the local villages and meet local family that provides our lunch for today. You will notice “holes” in the ground along the countryside. Those are called sinkholes, and they are basically natural depressions in the karst topography. Although some people think they were made by bombs, that is not the case, in spite of the similarities with the byproducts of effects and pyrotechnics people tend to see in action movies. These days they are just small pieces of farming land.

Day 4 - Northern Velebit- National Park

After leaving the area of Plitvice Lakes we are heading off to visit the biggest and the longest mountain in Croatia – Velebit. The whole mountain has been declared as a Nature Park, with two areas holding the even greater status of National parks. During this day we will visit one of the two National parks – Sjeverni Velebit (North Velebit). You will hike along one of the most beautiful hiking paths in Croatia – Premužić trail. The trail was constructed in 1933 and named after its constructor Ante Premužić, a forestry engineer, and a passionate mountaineer and lover of Velebit. While walking on this path you can’t avoid appreciating all the passion and hard work that was implemented in this path. On this enjoyable hike, you will see in the distance inland Croatia on one side and occasionally Adriatic sea on the other side of the path. Did you know: while walking, you will see one of two areas in Croatia with the level protection even higher than in the National park, Strict nature reserve-“Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi(hips)”.

Day 5 - Zrmanja River – Kayaking or Rafting

Today you will experience the excitement of paddling on the river Zrmanja and the beauty of Velebit’s karst landscape. Depending upon the water level, today’s activity will be either rafting or kayaking. You will enjoy dramatic scenery, beautiful waterfalls, fun rapids and clear waters of this unique river. Did you know: Zrmanja is today well known for its rugged beauty and water activities, not too many people are acquainted with the interesting fact that a couple of decades ago the area around the river functioned as the set (one of) for the filming of the German movie Winnetou, based upon the famous character by Karl May. Is was a German movie about Cowboys and Indians recorded in Croatia!

Day 6 - Paklenica-National Park

Another National park awaits. This time the destination is the National park Paklenica, also situated on the Velebit mountain but on the southern part. We will visit and hike through its most attractive part – Big Paklenica canyon – one of the most famous locations for rock climbing in Europe. Paklenica, same as the North Velebit National park, is the part of the longest Croatian mountain- Velebit. The whole mountain is a Park of nature due to its biodiversity. Velebit belongs to Dinaric Alps, and lately, it’s an unavoidable part of Via Dinarica- a combination of trails that connects the whole Dinaridi area. While hiking next to the creek, if you look carefully you will notice abandoned water mills, remnants of life in the secluded places of the mountain not so long ago. We will hike to the surprise lunch place for a traditional meal. After the unique lunch experience, we will return same ways back. In the evening for those who are not too tired, we suggest visiting historic peninsula of Zadar, unique place, and the biggest north Dalmatian town. There is a lot to be seen and do in Zadar, from ancient Roman ruins that you can walk above on the glass floor to one of the best ice cream places in Dalmatia. Zadar is gaining popularity more and more lately thanks to 2 unique modern pieces of art: Greeting to the Sun and Sea pipe organs.

Day 7 - Krka- National park

During this day we will visit yet one more of Croatia’s highlights – the National park Krka, named after the river Krka. Apart from the beautiful scenery, you will also see and learn how people used to live in the old days along the banks of Krka by visiting the restored ethnic-village. Together with the beautiful waterfalls, the Park is also well known for its multiple endemic species of birds, fish, and amphibians. You will see a couple sections of the park. You will visit first Skadinski buk, the most famous waterfall in the park, and afterwords, you will go to -Roški slap- another waterfall area where you will have lunch. You will finish you visit the park by visiting small islet in the middle of the river!

Day 8 - Cetina rafting and optional zip line

Rafting is today's activity, and we will do that on another beautiful Dalmatian river – Cetina. Cetina is not only a fun river for rafting but also the livelihood of local people – for centuries it has been providing drinking water, fish and functioning not only as a vital source of irrigation but also as a shelter from invaders during the rich and tumultuous history of this part of Europe. Cetina is famous also for a small town on it - Omiš – a city situated on the location where Cetina meets the sea, known for its fearless pirates during the past.

Day 9 - Split-Diocletian’s place and Ston with the city walls

In the morning we will say goodbye to Trogir and head off to Split for a tour of Diocletian’s palace –built at the turn of the fourth century AD as a haven for the Roman emperor Diocletian. Although the palace has changed its appearance over the centuries, with its surroundings becoming a medieval city, it is still one of the best-preserved examples of antique palaces. During a guided tour of this UNESCO site, you are more than welcome to ask any question about the history of this special place. Nowadays, along with Dubrovnik, Split has become famous for being one of the locations HBO picked for filming its popular series Game of Thrones. After visiting Split we will depart more to the South with our next stop being a small municipality called Ston. Ston is a small Croatian medieval town on UNESCO waiting list. It’s known for the longest fortified system in Europe- Ston city walls. Ston is also well-known for the oldest salt works on the Mediterranean and for its delicious oysters and mussels that were grown here for centuries. We will retire to local accommodation.

Day 10 - Koločep island-sea kayaking

This time our schedule consists of something new: sea kayaking. We will go in kayaks around the southernmost inhabited island in Croatia named Koločep. This is one of the islands in the Elaphiti archipelago group of islands close to Dubrovnik with only two villages upon it and with no cars whatsoever, which makes it a great place for a peaceful repose. After exploring the island we are heading back to the mainland.

Day 11 - Lopud island-hiking

Today we will visit another island in the Elaphiti archipelago – Lopud. Our main activity for the day will be hiking. We will do a loop around the larger part of the island to see its most attractive sights and to experience the beautiful scenery. We may stop for swimming at the biggest sandy beach in the area. Most of the coast is rocky and rugged, so places like this are highly appreciated. The island once functioned as the summer residence for Dubrovnik’s nobility, while also being an important agricultural spot, but nowadays tourism became the focal point of the local economy. There is only one village on Lopud and we will pay a visit to its beautiful promenade. We will return to the mainland for an overnight stay.

Day 12 - Dubrovnik- city tour and hiking Srđ hill

Today is all about the pearl of the Adriatic, UNESCO site-Old City Dubrovnik with the second biggest city walls in the world, and the biggest in Europe. Your guide will be happy to share the knowledge and rich history of Dubrovnik on a guided tour. You will learn why this little city-state had an important role in local history. Activity on the last day is a visit to the hill Srđ, located right to Dubrovnik’s northwest side. From the top of Srđ, you will be able to see the Old Town, part of Dubrovnik as if extended on the palm of your hand.

Day 13 - Departure

Thank you very much for visiting Croatia and being our guests. We hope you had a good time and that you will go home with fond memories! Airport transfer will be organized in accordance with your schedule. We will be happy to help if anyone stay extra time in Dubrovnik with any arrangments!

Price includes:

  • 12 nights’ accommodation
  • All meals as noted in the itinerary
  • National parks’ entrance fees
  • Local taxes and permits
  • Ground transportation
  • Organized activities and logistics
  • Basic insurance
  • Licensed English-speaking local guide
  • Airport transfers, to/from
  • VAT

Not included:

  • International airfare to/from Croatia
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Optional trips
  • Item of a personal nature


PRICE per person/double room: On request
DEPARTURE DATE: All year around, 2019

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