Ston City Walls and Kayaking Mali Ston Bay

 The unique experience of culinary, historic and active experience in one place. This little town is on the UNESCO waithing list


Ston Active Day

Ston is a small medieval town, and one of the very rare 100% planned and built Croatian cities. Upon arrival, you will definitely notice one of Ston trademarks which is Ston city walls. City walls are the longest fortified system in Europe and we suggest to walk it! Apart from the walls, 2 other things that Ston is known for are oysters and mussels and Salt plant. Osters and mussels have been grown here since the Roman times. In the same period Romans were producing the salt, and after the area was taken over by the Dubrovnik Republic, they built the oldest active salt plant on the whole Mediterranean. Apart from hiking the wall our activity today will be kayaking in Mali Ston Bay. Bay is Park of Nature and it has a certain level of protection because local oysters that are very important for the local population. You will kayak around the oyster farm and little islets in the bay. At the same time, you can enjoy the view of the City Wally of Ston, from the unique perspective from the kayaks!
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