12 Days: Active Croatia – National Parks and Sailing Dalmatian Islands

This tour is all about the beautiful nature of Croatia. We call it  Green and Blue Croatia simply because that’s what it is. Green, because the first part of the trip is taking a place in a continental part of the country where everything is surrounded by green grass, forests and beautiful rivers and creeks. Blue, because you spend the second part of the trip on a Croatian coast and you will be looking at the beautiful blue Adriatic every day.


Koločep Island: Sea Kayaking

Koločep, or as the locals call it Kalamota is a southernmost inhabited island in Croatia, only 2,4 square kilometers big, no cars, 2 villages, and it perfect getaway from the city crowd.

The coastal line of Koločep it the most attractive one in Dubrovnik area for sea kayaking.