Zagreb private city tour

Zagreb private city tour Today you will explore more of Zagreb and learn about it on a private city tour. On a guided tour of the city, you will be introduced to a rich local history while walking to the historic center of the town. You will walk from the main square of Ban Josip Jelačić to the Upper town of Zagreb to see Kaptol, the area around the Cathedral, and pass through the localSee more

Zagreb- Ljubljana- Bled visit

Zagreb- Ljubljana- Bled visit Today you will leave Zagreb at your preference and drive to Bled and Ljubljana. It takes about 2 hours to get to Ljubljana. Ljubljana is the capital of Croatia's neighboring country- Slovenia. Ljubljana is built on the river Sava and its center is very nice for walking. We suggest visiting medieval Ljubljana's castle at the top of the local hill above the town. To get there we suggest walking while takingSee more

Explore Zagorje region and visit medieval castles visit

Explore Zagorje region and visit medieval castles visit Today you can explore the northwest of Croatia- Hrvatsko Zagorje. Many know about Croatia from sports fields and picture postcards of the beautiful coast, but there is so much more than just a coastline! The northern area of Croatia is known for its little hills and castles. You will be visiting Trakošćan castle, north of Zagreb. Trakošćan is a very picturesque place since the castle lays nextSee more

Explore Plitvice lakes area

Explore Plitvice lakes area
Explore Plitvice lakes area   Today you will explore more of the Plitvice lakes area. One of the local secrets is Barač caves that you would visit with a local guide on 50 min tour. The cave is spacey for normal walking, and there are lights during the visit. You can visit the cave on your own or rent a bike nearby and bike there. Along the way we suggest visiting Drežnik town and ruins,,See more

Explore Plitvice Lakes National Park

Explore Plitvice Lakes National Park Today you will explore Plitvice lakes, the most famous Croatian National Park. You will hike and walk in the most famous Croatian National park – Plitvice Lakes. The lakes of Plitvice are a unique design of nature famous across the globe for their beauty. Since 1979 the Park has been a part of the UNESCO World Heritage register. Plitvice is home to about one-third of all known orchids in Croatia.See more

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