Soul of Croatia offers Authentic tailor-made active tours with the cultural touch in Croatia and area. Private and small groups in adventure travel, leisure trips and more.
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What kind of trips do you organize? ?

We organize adventure and non-adventure customized trips all over Croatia and around!
Our tours are mostly guided, but we organize self-guided trips ones as well.

Some of the activities we organize are:

– cycling

– hiking

– sailing

– kayaking

– sightseeing

– foodie experiences

– wine tours

— and more…



Can we customize the trip we see on your web? ?

Yes, any trip you see on our web can be customized towards your preferences.
It can be extended or shortened, and we can change activities or locations.

Are all the trips private ones? ?

Yes, at the moment all of the trips are private ones, and each one can be customized!

However, feel free to give us a note if you would like to join someone. If there is same trip for the exact dates, and someone who would also like to do group, we will gladly accommodate!

Do you organize trips only in Croatia? Can you combine with other countries? ?

Most of our trips are done in Croatia! We know Croatia very well, and probably better than 99% of people therefore it is our main location.

However, we do combine trips in Croatia with Slovenia mostly, and then with short visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

We had inquiries for other countries from returning clients (Spain, Greece, Italy), but in spite of the fact we can give our “signature” on those trips, we always honestly say that we can never give the local touch, as the locals do, and that I why we would use local assistance there!


Can we pay with credit card? ?

Yes, you can pay with a credit card.

Can we pay using wire transfer? ?

Yes, you can pay using a wire transfer.

What curency can we use to pay the trip? ?

You can pay in EUROS,  US and Canadian Dollars, and Pounds.

Are all the trips active ones? ?

No, not every trip is active one. We have lots of travelers who are not active and we design a trip in accordance with their preferences.

Is itinerary flexible? ?

Yes, itineraries are flexible! We wish to show you as much as possible, but you can decide to do/see more or less!

Do you organize self-guided trips? Or guided only? ?

Yes, we do organize self-guided trips.

Do we use rental car or public transport for selfguided trips? ?

For self-guided trips on land, you would use a rental car, as public transport and existing infrastructure are not a good fit!

If visiting Dalmatian islands on self-guided trips, you would mostly use passengers-only catamarans which are fast boats that are connecting some of the islands!

Depending on the areas you would visit, you may combine both transportations.